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4 Signs You’re Not Ready for Strategic Marketing

For any business to realize marketing's true potential, it needs to do some prep work.

The everyday dialogue between an industrial marketing agency and most of its clients tends to emphasize campaign performance, lead quality, and ROI — rather than bigger-picture strategic marketing questions. Rarely do we get to ask, “What is the current and future role of marketing in your business?” Needless to say, when this question is actually asked, the… Read more »

Industrial University, Part 2

How will today's technology affect industry? Look for answers in the familiar dynamics of the past.

In our first installment of Industrial University (IU), Industrial Strength Marketing Founder and CEO James Soto took us back to the industrial world’s origins with the Industrial Revolution. For IU Part 2, he takes a closer look at a dynamic that feels a little more contemporary: the role of technology in industrial development. As the… Read more »

Industrial University, Part 1

For the first Industrial University seminar, ISM CEO James Soto tackles the Industrial Revolution.

At Industrial Strength Marketing, we’ve just kicked off a series of seminars we’re collectively calling “Industrial University.” The goal of this “trade school” is to create a culture of learning where we educate one another about the industrial sector and discuss ways that innovation, marketing, and technology affect industrial business — particularly in the areas of… Read more »

Industrial Marketing Superpower Secrets Revealed!

These softwares and strategies are making progressive industrial marketers superhuman.

Faster than a speeding email! More powerful than a search engine! Able to leap the competition in a single inbound! Look up into the cloud! It’s a run of B2B marketing automation and sales intelligence platforms that are enabling industrial marketing and sales professionals to see more, know more, and convert more business than ever… Read more »

Zombie Coffee: LinkedIn & Industrial Sales

How to use social media and caffeine to drum up new business.

Imagine: You find someone you’d like to connect with on LinkedIn. You email them to ask if you can “pick their brain.” A coffee date is set. You’ve just become part of the phenomenon that’s taking over industrial sales: Zombie Coffee. This no-frills networking strategy fueled by a lethal combination of LinkedIn, caffeine, and brain… Read more »

Rise of the Social Media Entrepreneur

How social media can drive sales across an organization.

Question: Is it true that everyone is in sales? Answer: Yes, and if they know what’s good for them, they better be! Incentivizing Sales Across Your Entire Organization Relying exclusively on traditional sales processes driven by “salespeople” is inhibiting your company’s growth potential. Your technicians, the subject matter experts in their respective disciplines, are an… Read more »